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the atlantic, new york city

Design Team: Samuel Amoia Associates

Featured Artists: Beau Stanton and Fluidtoons

The Story: Indiewalls collaborated with Samuel Amoia Associates and the in-house team at The Atlantic to develop a series of journalism-inspired murals for The Atlantic headquarters. A mural by Beau Stanton was inspired by the mantra, often used at The Atlantic, “we see the world as it is, imagine the world how it should be, and illuminate the difference.” Stanton’s work displays the meeting of two minds in a venn diagram-like, overlapping composition. Fluidtoons’s column murals showcase the artist’s signature cartoon-style, with historical portraits and technologies mixed in throughout - including caricatures of Virginia Woolf, Frederick Douglass, Eudora Welty, Abraham Lincoln, remington typewriters, and more.

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